About Us

Our success lies in our diversity.

Investment Approach

Churchill has a rich history of building and growing closely held businesses around core competencies. We believe that patience can reap the greatest rewards which is why we own and invest in our businesses with a long-term, buy and hold, generational time horizon. Churchill believes in reinvesting profits back into the businesses to compound growth organically and through acquisitions.

We only invest in industries where we have a deep understanding, which helps identify opportunities that are not obvious to others. We actively manage the portfolio in close collaboration with management teams to balance sustainable growth, profitability and cash flow.

We look for acquisitions of bolt-on’s as well as new business platforms. Churchill maintains a conservative leverage profile on investments which promotes durability in the portfolio.

“Question popular ideas and the status-quo. Contrarian thinking can identify the best opportunities.” 

Hap Fauth, Founder

Philosophy & Tenets

Embedded in the DNA of Churchill are characteristics that allow our businesses and colleagues to thrive: independence, personal responsibility, integrity, trust, loyalty, honesty, transparency, self-motivation, hard work, critical analysis, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. This is what allows Churchill to thrive.

We believe that individual self-confidence, team spirit and a shared sense of purpose are all critical components to success, but they all build on a foundation of talented individuals who are appropriately positioned and given the opportunity to play to their strengths.

  • Take risks but be disciplined
  • Embrace a good argument
  • Allow others to thrive
  • Take advantage of all available resources
  • Always keep the big picture in mind